제목 ISOT 2017 개최 안내 (11월 5일~9일, 대만)
작성자 김혜수 등록일 2017-02-23
이메일 conference@icros.org

----- 18th International Symposium on Optomechatronic Tecnology, Tainan, Taiwan -----

기간: 2017년 11월 5일-9일
장소: Tainan, Taiwan
페이퍼 제출 마감: 8월 10일

Topics include but not limited:

(1) Optical metrology
(2) Optical fiber sensors
(3) Laser-based sensors
(4) Optical sensors on robotics autonomous vehicles/other applications 
(5) Optomechatronics for sensing/imaging
(6) Micro optoelectro-mechanical systems
(7) Optical Inspection for industry
(8) Adaptive optics 
(9) Visual motion tracking and control
(10) Biomedical applications
(11) Vision-based monitoring and control

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