제목 Japan-Korea Joint Symposium on Networked and Distributed Systems and Control (6/16-17일, GIST)
작성자 김혜수 등록일 2017-04-03
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The 1st Japan-Korea Joint Symposium on Networked and Distributed Systems and Control - Toward future research collaborations

June 16-17, 2017, GIST, Gwangju, Korea

Call for participation

 As control, communications, sensing, and computational technologies are advanced, networked and distributed systems become more realistic in our daily life as well as in industry. The networked and distributed control systems may include a remote control of tele-operated systems, synchronization and consensus of large-scale complex systems, cyber-physical systems, distributed coordination of energy and power systems, and formation control of mobile agent systems. As the computational speed of embedded processors connected via networks becomes extremely fast, a higher-level control in these systems becomes more and more important. In the sense of higher-level control, analysis and control from topological perspective of networked and distributed systems have attracted significant research interest. In analysis, there are many issues such as synchronization of dynamical agents, convergence characteristics, graph topology, and connectivity between neighboring agents. In control, there could be various issues in terms of sensing and control variables, i.e., centralized control, distributed control, and decentralized control. In this joint symposium, we are specifically interested in networked robots, synchronization of distributed and social agents, energy and resource allocations, and formation control of multi-agent systems. The main purpose of the symposium is to introduce recent advancements on these issues that have been developed in Japan and Korea. However, in the symposium, we would further seek some possible collaborations among the participants by way of discussing issues and sharing ideas. If you are interested in attending this symposium as audience or as speaker, please send your ``intention for participation’’ to one of the following contacts;

(Prof. Hyo-Sung Ahn, GIST) from Korea, or
hatanaka@ctrl.titech.ac.jp (Prof. Takeshi Hatanaka, Tokyo Tech) from Japan
by May 30, 2017.

Outline of tentative program

 The symposium will consist of keynote technical talks and problem definition sessions. Two technical sessions will include four keynote talks. In the problem definition session, individual speaker will be allowed to present his/her problems within a five minute in one slide. In the problem definition session, we would like to discuss the problems intensively. Students will be allowed to present their on-going works via 3-minute presentations, if they want. The symposium will also have some social events.

Specially invited speakers

Kazunori Sakurama, Tottori University, Japan

Hyungbo Shim, Seoul National University, Korea

Takeshi Hatanaka, Tokyo Tech, Japan

Hyo-Sung Ahn, GIST, Korea

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