제목 [CSGRES 2019] IFAC Workshop on Control of Smarg Grid and Renewable Energy-Systems
작성자 이지연 등록일 2018-04-25
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The IFAC Workshop on Control of Smart Grid & Renewable Energy Systems (CSGRES 2019),

Jeju Island, Korea, June 10-12, 2019: http://www.CSGRES2019.com


Sponsored by IFAC Technical Committee on Power & Energy Systems (TC 6.3), and
Co-Sponsored by IFAC Technical Committees on:
Adaptive and Learning Systems (TC1.2)
Discrete Event and Hybrid Systems (TC1.3)
Stochastic Systems (TC1.4)
Networked Systems (TC1.5)
Non-linear Control Systems (TC2.3)
Robust Control (TC2.5)
Chemical Process Control (TC6.1)
Mining, Mineral and Metal Processing (TC6.2)
Transportation Systems (TC7.4)
Control for Smart Cities (TC9.3)
Technology, Culture and International Stability (TC9.5) 

Recently, renewable energy has been growing rapidly, and is contributing much to existing power systems. Hence, very efficient and reliable penetration of such fast-growing renewable energy is urgently needed since it is inherently intermittent and unpredictable. Now is time to discuss challenging issues of operating renewable energy resources and their interactions with power systems in efficient and reliable ways.

With the generation ability using facilities and solutions such as photovoltaics, electrical vehicles, energy storage devices, demand response, and other smart devices, the evolvement of conventional consumers to prosumers been receiving increased attention. Prosumers are expected to maximize their economic benefit while contributing to grid operation at the same time. However, how to integrate and cooperate with prosumers and their resources in the power grid are not much challenged yet.

Two key issues of the workshop will be "Modeling and Control of Prosumer Resources" and"Management of G2V and V2G Electric Vehicle/Transportation Systems".  Jeju Island is an ideal place to talk about these issues since the South Korean government has planned for the "Carbon-Free Jeju Island" by 2030.  Original contributions and Invited Sessions are solicited on the following topics, but not limited to:

•  Modelling and Control of Prosumer Resources
•  Transaction-based P2P Energy Management System
•  G2V and V2G power transfer issues
•  Power System Stability and Reliability
•  Optimal Design, Control and Operation of Renewables
•  Intelligent Integration of Renewable and Energy
    Storage Systems including District Heating Systems

 Full draft papers (max. 6 pages and 1MB file size, in word and pdf. format complying with IFAC-POL guidelines) relating to one or more of the topics are encouraged. Draft papers on-line submission deadline is Tuesday, September 25, 2018. All contributions must be in their final form according to IFAC style. Please refer to https://www.ifac-control.org/events/authors-guide   Accepted papers that have been presented at an IFAC meeting will be published in the proceedings of the event using the open-access IFACPapersOnLine series hosted on ScienceDirect (https://www.sciencedirect.com/). In addition, selected papers will be recommended for submission to the IFAC Journal, Control Engineering Practice, in an expanded form for possible publication. 

Important Dates:

Submission of invited session proposals:               Aug. 25, 2018
Submission of full draft papers:                               Sep.  25, 2018
Notification of acceptance:                                      Dec.  15, 2018
Submission of full papers:                                        Feb.  15, 2018
Early registration:                 April 1, 2019
Dates of Workshop:                                                   June 10-12, 2019

Program Committee Charis:

IPC Chair:                                        Prof. Kwang Y. Lee (US)
IPC Co-chair:                                   Prof. Yrjö Majanne (FI)
IPC Vice-chair:                                Prof. Fulong Li (UK)
IPC Vice-chair from Industry:      Dr. Woohyun Hwang (KR)
NOC Chair:                                      Prof. Young IL Lee (KR)
NOC Co-chair:                                Prof. Jaeseok Choi (KR)
NOC Vice-chair:                              Prof. Jongbae Park (KR)
NOC Vice-chair from industry:    Dr.  Seongdoo Kim (KR)
Editor:                                            Prof. Soohee Han (KR)


Prof. Young IL Lee
Dept. of Electrical & Information Engineering
Seoul National University of Science & Technology
232 Gongneung-ro, Nowon-gu, Seoul, 01811, Korea
Phone:  +82-2-970-6544
E-mail:  yilee@seoultech.ac.kr