제목 [IFAC] Letter from Election Committee chair Hajime Asama: 2020-2023
작성자 이지연 등록일 2019-04-18
이메일 conference@icros.org
The President of IFAC, Prof. Frank Allgöwer (DE), appointed the Election Committee to prepare a list of candidates for IFAC offices for the term of office 2020-2023. The committee consists of Prof. Sarah K. Spurgeon (UK), Prof. Dawn Tilbury (US) and myself Prof. Hajime Asama (JP) as Chair.

The task of the Election Committee is to identify highly qualified candidates for election to Council, and offices that fall within the direct competence of the Council (Secretary, Chair of the Awards Committee, Chair of the Policy Committee, Chair of the Publications Committee, Vice-Chairs of the Technical Board, and the members of the Technical Board).
It is my privilege to address you on behalf of the Election Committee to seek recommendations for these offices. Please help us to identify outstanding individuals who are suitably qualified and have a strong interest and motivation in serving IFAC in a leadership role. We expect each candidate to have a technical qualification in the field of automatic control, sufficient time and travel funds, and proficiency in the English language. Industrial and management experience and recommendation of female candidates are particularly welcome.

Please send me your proposals by email to the IFAC Secretariat at secretariat@ifac-control.org by 30 April 2019

To ensure that this letter reaches all concerned, please send a reply note even if you do not make any specific recommendation.
For each person proposed, please include a brief curriculum vitae with special reference to the qualification criteria stated above as well as past and present contributions to IFAC.

The election process is described in the IFAC Constitution (Articles 16-17, 20-26, 30, 32-33) and By-Laws (No. 7-12.). For further information please consult the IFAC Constitution that is published on the IFAC homepage at
Please note that the nominations will be prepared according to the proposed constitutional changes as discussed at the last Council meeting (Florianópolis, Brazil, 2018) and described in the email sent to all IFAC NMOs from the IFAC President Prof. Frank Allgöwer in December, which increases the number of Vice-Presidents from two to three (Conference Board Chair, Publications Board Chair, and Technical Board Chair).

Please be assured that the election process is confidential and that all your proposals will be handled accordingly. Please also note that of course not all suggested candidates can be appointed in the end. Important criteria also include the desire of IFAC for diversity across all offices which again includes regional diversity.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or the IFAC Secretariat for inquiries and assistance.

Yours sincerely,
Hajime Asama