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구분 수여일 수상논문
IROS 2002 October 29, 2003 Paper title Vision-Guided Flight Stability and Control for Micro Air Vehicles
Author(s) Scott M. Ettinger, Michael C. Nectryba, Peter G. Ifju1), Martin Waszak2)
Affiliation(s) Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Florida
1)Department of Aerospace Engineering University of Florida
2)Dynamics and Control Branch, NASA Langley Research Center
IROS 2003 October 1, 2004 Paper title Development of a New Human-like Talking Robot Having Advanced Vocal Tract Mechanisms
Author(s) Kazufumi Nishiskawa, Hideaki Takanobu, Takemi Mochida , Masaaki Honda, Atsuo Takanishi
Affiliation(s) Department of Mechanical Engineering, Waseda University
IROS 2004 October 1, 2005 Paper title Exploration with Active Loop- Closing for Fast SLAM
Author(s) Cyrill Stachniss, Dirk Haehnel, Wolfram Burgard
Affiliation(s) Dept. of Computer Science, University of Freiburg, Germany
IROS 2005 October 15, 2006 Paper title Two-Stage Blind Source Separation Based on ICA and Binary Masking for Real-time Robot Audition System
Author(s) Hiroshi Saruwatari, Yoshimitsu Mori, Tomoya Takatani Satoshi Ukai, Kiyohiro Shikano, Takashi Hiekata, Takashi Morita
Affiliation(s) Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Kobe Steel, Ltd
IROS 2006 October 31, 2007 Paper title A Haptic Knob for Rehabilitation of Stroke Parient
Author(s) L Dovat, O Lambercy, Y Ruffieux, D Chapuis, R Gassert, H Bleuler, CL Teo, E Burdet
Affiliation(s) National University of Singapore and Imperial College London
IROS 2007 October 31, 2007 Paper title Robust Stereo Tracking for Space Application
Author(s) Fabien Dionnet and Eric Marchand
Affiliation(s) INRIA and IRISA
IROS 2008 September 24, 2008 Paper title Collision Detection and Reaction: A Contribution to Safe Physical Human-Robot interaction
Author(s) Sami Haddadin, Alin Albu-Schaffer, Alessandro De Luca1), Gerd Hirzinger
Affiliation(s) Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics, DLR
1)Universit'a di Roma "La Sapienza"
IROS 2009 October 14, 2009 Paper title Pick?and?Place Nanomanipulation with Three-Dimensional Manipulation Force Microscopy
Author(s) Hui Xie, Juan Camilo Acosta, Dogan Sinan Haliyo, Stephane Regnier
Affiliation(s) University of Pierre and Marie Curie / CNRS
IROS 2010 October 20, 2010 Paper title RobOtol : From Design to Evaluation of a Robot for the Middle Ear Surgery
Author(Affiliation) Mathieu Miroir, Yann Nguyen (Universite Paris 7 Denis Didero), Jerome Szewczyk (Universite Paris 6 P. et M. Curie), Stephane Mazalaigue (Collin Inc.), Evelyne Ferrary, Olivier Sterkers, Alexis Bozorg Grayeli (Universite Paris 7 Denis Didero)
IROS 2011 September 29, 2011 Paper title Active Bending Endoscope Robot System for Navigation through Sinus Area
Author(Affiliation) Hyun-Soo Yoon, Se Min Oh, Jin Hyeok Jeong, Seung Hwan Lee, Byung-Ju Yi (Hanyang University), Kyung-Chul Koh (Sun Moon University), Kyung Tae (Hanyang University)
IROS 2012 October 11, 2012 Paper title Robust Acoustic Source Localization of Emergency Signals from Micro Air Vehicles
Author(Affiliation) Meysam Basiri, Felix Schill (Ecole Polytechnique Federal, Lausanne), Pedro U. Lima (Institute for Systems and Robotics), Dario Floreano (Ecole Polytechnique Federal, Lausanne)
IROS 2013 November 6, 2013 Paper title AssistOn-Knee: A Self-Aligning Knee Exoskeleton
Author(Affiliation) Besir Celebi, Mustafa Yalcin, Volkan Patoglu (Sabanci University)
IROS 2014 September 17, 2014 Paper title Toward Automated Intraocular Laser Surgery Using Handheld Micromanipulator
Author Yang, Sungwook; MacLachlan, Robert A.; Riviere, Cameron N.
IROS 2015 October 1, 2015 Paper title Cloth Dynamics Modeling in Latent Spaces and its Application to Robotic Clothing Assistance
Author Nishanth Koganti, Jimson Gelbolingo Ngeo, Tomoya Tamei, Kazushi Ikeda and Tomohiro Shibata
IROS 2016 October 13, 2016 Paper title Skeletal Structure with Artificial Perspiration for Cooling by Latent Heat for Musculoskeletal
Author Humanoid Kengoro
IROS 2017 September 27, 2017 Paper title A Multi-Track Elevator System for E-Commerce Fulfillment Centers
Author Rachel M. Hoffman and H. Harry Asada
IROS 2018 October 4, 2018 Paper title Closed-Loop Single-Beacon Passive Acoustic Navigation for Low-Cost Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Author NICHOLAS R. Rypkema, Erin M. Fischell, Henrik Schmidt (MIT)
IROS 2019 November 7, 2019 Paper title Visual Servoing of Miniature Magnetic Film Swimming Robots for 3D Arbitrary Path Following
Author Chenyang Huang, Tiantian Xu, Jia Liu, Laliphat Manamanchaiyaporn, Xinyu Wu
IROS 2020 October 25-November 25, 2020 Paper title MHYRO: Modular HYbrid RObot for contact inspection and maintenance in oil & gas plants
Author A. Lopez-Lora, P.J. Sanchez-Cuevas, A. Suarez, A. Garofano-Soldado, A. Ollero and G. Heredia
IROS 2021 September 27-October 1, 2021 Paper title CCRobot-IV-F A Ducted-Fan-Driven Flying-Type Bridge Stay Cable Climbing Robot
Author Wenchao Zhang, Zhenliang Zheng, Xueqi Fu, Sarsenbek Hazken, Huaping Chen, Min Zhao and Ning Ding